About Me

Hi All,

IMG_0638My name is Winnie Chen and I am a first-year medical student at Quinnipiac. I am from Arcadia, California, a city close to Los Angeles. I went to University of Southern California for my undergraduate studies in Biochemistry. Before I came to medical school, I was a medical assistant at an ears, nose and throat doctor’s office for a year.

In my free time, I love to watch movies and listen to music. A fun fact about me is I used to play electric piano when I was young. My dream vacation is to go to Taiwan and travel around its different cities because although I was born in Taiwan, I did not tour the island as much as I would like. If I get the chance and free time, then I would like to go back and explore the island a bit more.

I am currently using a MacBook Air and I have the CC-2018 version of Adobe software. Since I do not have any other camera on hand, I will be using the camera on my iPhone6 for this class.

I do not really have audio or video creation experience. The exposure I have to audio or video creation was back in high school, where I helped edit some audio files for school projects. I did use Audacity for those projects, but I feel like I did not use the software to its full extent. Thus, in ICM508, I hope to learn more about audio and video production and to learn about how to better convey myself via media.