Module 1


In this week’s module, we have two assigned readings – a chapter in the book The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video by Tom Schroeppel and several articles in the web articles “Engaging Episodes: The Powerful Podcasting Series” by Kevin Anderson. The cover of The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video is shown below and the link to the web articles can be found here. We also started pre-production planning for our podcast.

book cover

Reading & Writing:

In Chapter 8 of The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video, Schroeppel discussed about how sound is produced and heard. In addition, he also talked about the different types of microphones, different sound pickup patterns, production of clean sound recording and selection of appropriate microphones. After reading the chapter, I am amazed at how microphones can mimic human ears in transmitting sounds. I also was not aware that there are so many different sound pickup patterns and that the pattern used in audio creation can significantly affect the product. I used to think there was only one kind of sound pickup pattern, the supercardioid (shotgun) pattern, and you always have to point the microphone directly at the sound source to get a good recording of the sound. The various ways of creating clean sound recording surprised me too. I did not know that furniture arrangement can affect how sound is recorded.

In “Engaging Episodes: The Powerful Podcasting Series,” Anderson discussed about how to create a successful podcast. As a medical student, I was taught to avoid using complicated wording to ask patients questions and always try to use simple words when explaining things. Thus, I completely agree with the author that it is very important to avoid using jargons, so the audience will not be confused and lose interest in the delivered message. I also like the tips and suggestions the authors have for delivering the podcast. When I was recording my audio for the preview week module, I struggled with delivering my script. I did not have it marked and I was not quite sure how long my pauses should be. Now that I got some tips about marking the script, I am eager to try it out and see how that changes my delivery of words.

Research to Inform:

The following are three podcasts that I found well produced and engaging:

  1. 2 Docs Talk – Episode 91: EMTALA or No, we don’t have universal health coverage, y’all

I like this podcast because the podcast talks about a serious health topic in a casual and informational format while adding some humor to the podcast along the way. The music played at the beginning of the podcast is a lively one, allowing the audience to feel more at ease with the discussion. The presenters Dr. Kendall Britt and Dr. Amy Rogers delivered their message in the form of a conversation where one presenter mainly asks questions. While they made a couple mistakes in delivering their lines, the podcast overall was easy to understand because they used a lot stories and examples. They summed up their message pretty well at the end too. They also used the same music at the end of their podcast, tying the end to the beginning.

  1. Second Opinion – A Tale of Two Extremes

This podcast is really nice in that it gets its message across succinctly. While it has a commercial at the beginning of the podcast, it was not long enough to disinterest the audience.  I like that the presenter Dr. Michael Wilkes used two stories, both featuring the same junior resident doctor, to illustrate the opposite expectations that patients have for their physicians. In addition, his voice is very powerful. His podcast is made effective by highlighting his message at the end of his podcast.

  1. Am I Introverted or Socially Anxious?

This podcast is also really good because while it uses listing as the form of delivery, the podcast is engaging, as her personality showed when she was talking. The presenter Dr. Ellen Hendriksen used many relatable examples and avoided using jargons when she delivered her podcast, making her podcast easy to understand.



This following is my mind map on flu vaccine:

Influenza_Flu_Vaccines Mind Map

Here is my pre-production planning document in PDF format:

Pre-Production Planning Document for PODCAST

I have chosen this topic because I have learned about the importance of vaccination at school and want to share what I learned. My biggest challenge in making the podcast is probably going to be limiting my content to 2 minutes and how to add just enough details to make the podcast informative but not overwhelmingly detailed.

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