Module 4


In this week’s module, we have one assigned reading—Chapter 10 of The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video by Tom Schroeppel. The image following this paragraph is a cover of the book. We are also asked to find and analyze videos that illustrate different editing styles. In this module, we started production and post-production for our video montage project.

book cover

Reading & Writing:

In Chapter 10, Schroeppel talked about the editing process. I agree with him that it is easy to get caught up on how much time and effort one spent on taking a shot and thus making one want to put that particular shot in the end product, neglecting other shots that might have worked better. Logging and labeling the shots will definitely help with the editing process and is something I plan to do with my shots. From this chapter, I also learned to always remind my viewers where they are and relate shots to one another, so that my viewers won’t get distracted. In addition, I learned how crucial pacing is for delivering a video’s message. A fast pacing can prevent viewers from absorbing the information presented while a slow pacing runs the risk of boring the viewers.

On top of discussing the visual aspects of video editing, Schroeppel also talks about the role of sound in video editing. He mentioned the different cuts one can use in editing sound for video, one is a L-cut, which is seeing the picture before hearing the matching sound, and the other is a Reverse-L cut, which is hearing the sound before seeing the matching picture. I also agree with Schroeppel that it is much easier to edit sounds when the different elements (i.e. music, ambient noise) are all on different tracks.


Research to Inform:

The following are three videos I found that show different editing styles:

  1. OCEAN’S 8 – Official Main Trailer

OCEAN’S 8 is a movie I am planning to watch and I really like its trailer. At the beginning, when the trailer is introducing the story, the pacing is slower. The longest shot is around 10 seconds. However, as the music picks up and the action actually starts to happen, the pacing is much faster, with each shot lasting at most 2 seconds. The trailer also utilizes a lot of J- and L-cuts with the faster pacing, so that the viewers get exposed to many eye-catching shots while still understanding what is going on with the story.

  1. A Quiet Place (2018) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place is also another movie I want to watch. Overall, the pacing of the video is fast. Each shot lasts about 1-2 seconds long. Since this is a trailer, it makes sense to use a faster pacing, so that the viewers can be exposed to many shots and become interested in going to see the movie. There is also quite a bit of dip to black transition between the shots at the end, which is befitting for the horror theme.

  1. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man – Stan Lee Cameo (Scene) | Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Clip HD

Spider-Man Homecoming is a movie I really like. Overall, the pacing of the video is slow. Many shots last for more than 5 seconds. The longest one is when Peter Parker is changing into his Spider-Man suit and lasts for about 45 seconds. The slower pacing allows the viewers to be immersed in the daily life of Peter Parker. At the end of the film, the pacing picks up again to not only show different people talking, but also augment the illustration of the disturbance caused by the car alarm.



Here is my video montage project “A Peaceful Morning”:

Background music from

As I expected, some of the flowers are not blooming, affecting some of the shots I took. Deciding which shots to include and how long to show each shot is also hard, but overall I definitely enjoy making this project.

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